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A passion for wellness had taken me on a journey that has been both personal and professional.


My health and wellness journey has been both personal and professional. From an early age, I knew I wanted to help others. When I was in 6th grade I wanted to be an Environmentalist, then a Veterinarian, then a Psychologist. I still love the earth and all of the beings on this planet, but my passion remains the health and wellness of human beings.


In 2001, I earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, and in 2004 went into private practice. I have taught college classes, worked for nonprofit agencies, and a few of the biggest insurance companies using my clinical skills. In 2007, I had a health scare around some thyroid issues that caused me to deep dive into my own physical health journey. This led me to things like different diets, Reikki, essential oils, and the mind body connection. I worked with a wonderful MD who I still see today, and have my thyroid after a thyroidectomy was initially recommended! In 2019 after years of benefitting from a regular yoga practice, I went through Yoga Teacher training. In 2022, I have started combining the things that I love, and am regularly leading Restorative Yoga and Essential Oil Workshops in Pearland, Texas. I also currently have a small telehealth private practice.

I am excited to use this platform to share what I’ve learned and to connect with you! I believe that we are living in an exciting time! All of the information you could want is at your fingertips, and science is making so many gains that it is able to prove things that we previously thought of as mystical. As with all things in life - take what resonates with you, and leave the things that don’t. Please subscribe to my newsletter for updates, and feel free to comment and share your experiences! 

Much love, 


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